The Winn Consulting Group
"Community and Government Consulting for the 21st Century
Winn Consulting Services
African American Constituency Outreach
WCG will help provide services and programs that address the needs and concerns of those in the African American community.

WCG will work as an intermediary between government and the business community to bridge multi-cultural issues and help provide an understanding and appreciation of all diverse experiences.

Faith-Based Initiative
WCG will assist faith-based and community organizations of all types in developing programs to improve the quality of life for those in need.

Grassroots Advocacy
WCG can develop and implement effective grassroots advocacy programs. We can help you develop a winning grassroots strategy by building a communication infrastructure that allows activists to participate. Our involvement can add a component of fast and effective communication that can make a difference between success and failure.

Issue Identification
Information and knowledge are powerful tools WCG will help you identify issues on all sides of the political and community landscape. WCG can analyze the issues that affect your organization directly.

Event/Election Turnout (GOTV)
WCG has a special interest in the African American community and religious groups. WCG uses strategic and effective consulting for both community and government activities.
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